Southern Series


The Southern Series (2017-ongoing)
The Southern Series is a painting project I have been working since I relocated to Carrboro in the fall of 2016. This series represents the issues that low-income families confront, such a housing crisis, health insurance, discrimination, displacements, and the hopeful efforts to improve their quality of life. I am painting this series because my journey is similar to the experience of many people that came to this country. Being an active community member, make us part of the Country’s economy and culture. Painting it is strongly related to our identity, for this reason as a Peruvian artist working in The United States I want to continue with the legacy of the WPA artists that during the great depression expressed in their work the life of the people. Our current times are similar and I believe that my paintings will contribute with a message of hope and a statement that we are building culture. Art expressions are crucial, art sets out cultural models in a continuous renovation. Our identity is the fusion, our art expressions are not a characteristic of the immigrant nostalgia. We are a living culture and my painting project is about that.