I am a painter, and the present I live influences my work. I think paintings are relevant because they are historical documents. Through painting, we gain knowledge of cultural, political, and social contexts and learn about people’s feelings about them. I want to create a historical narrative in my artwork with a contemporary painting practice that draws on the medium’s conventions but embraces its diversity of styles. I am interested in the interaction between the work of art and the general public. For this reason, when exhibiting my paintings, I seek to generate experiences that welcome the viewer, share my story, and create a connection through their interpretations.

My immigrant experience in the United States of America has shown me that a border is a concept that exists because of its ability to be crossed. Different groups of people have inhabited the continent for centuries. In my work, I use the tradition of easel painting and its narrative to build bridges for people to cross and, simultaneously, facilitate spaces for viewers to make their interpretations; it is an invitation to be part of the depicted story. I believe that exchange is the key to preserving cultures and evolving traditions by adapting them to contemporary experiences.

With my artistic practice, I represent the voice of my LatinX and immigrant community, their work and contributions, and what I consider a crucial element: the ethnic and cultural diversity of the country in which I live. I want my pictorial project to become a manifesto of energy in motion that will continue to cross borders, generating ties and creating communities

that exist not only because of the physical presence of its members but also because of the information they carry within and their evolutionary process.

My artwork reflects a varied intellectual experience and development as an artist. In Lima, Peru, where I grew up, the color of the Andes blends with the gray of urban chaos. In New York, I lived for 16 years surrounded by people of different cultures, and now I live in the small, green town of Carrboro, North Carolina. These cultural and geographical elements are part of my identity; My plastic work contains that diversity, and I embody it in the variety of pictorial styles and treatments that exist in it. In a single painting, you can find influences ranging from pre-Hispanic patterns, colonial iconography, native and popular art, and expressionism to gestural abstraction. This fusion occurs in my artistic production, like a continuous and constantly evolving soundtrack for a film of life. I believe that painting is part of existence, connected to the vast universe of artistic creation. Painting, for me, is an eternal journey.

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